New Product Line Finished!


     I am very excited about my new product line! I created my PRACTICE resources to fill a need in my own classroom. I like using task cards for review, extension activities, and tutorials. However, I felt there was something missing.

     I wanted to bring grammar review, reading comprehension, and writing together. I also wanted to build background knowledge in my students without forcing them to read the same old stuff. 

     The first two resources I created had to do with the Alamo. My seventh grade students were going to begin studying the siege of the Alamo. I wanted to provide them with additional information. I created "The Alamo" and "A Letter To My Wife" in order to provide these additional resources.

     Either I really believed in this my new resource, or I had lost my mind. I decided to use the resource during my formal evaluation. My assistant principal loved the activity. The response from my students was wonderful. And, to top it all off, I received "exceeds expectations" on my evaluation. It was a good day!

     I would encourage you to watch the video about my new product. I believe it gives a very good overall view of the product in action. 

     I have listed several of the new resources. Here is a link to the freebie! 

I've Been Working On A New Product Line

     I have been working on a new product line for the past 4 months. I am very excited about it. It  combines grammar, reading skills, writing, comprehension, and building background knowledge. It is definitely a labor of love.

     My goal is to launch the products mid-February. I am currently trying to create a video that will showcase my new product. My aim is to create a video that clearly demonstrates how the product is to be used. I truly believe it will become an essential learning tool in the classroom.

     At this time, the only specific information I am able to give is the name.

     I hope you will be excited with the final products. Please look for the freebie I will be posting soon!

New Back To School E-books are Starting to Roll Out!

This is great news! The 3rd annual TpT Back To School FREE e-books are starting to roll out.
They're all GREAT, but I'm in THIS one!

 Grades 1-2 Back to School E-Book 2015-2016! 

But that isn't the only one!

Grades 3-4 English Language Arts Back to School E-book 2015-2016 is also available! 

As the other free e-books become available, I will be posting the links! Be sure to check back!

I Got My T-Shirt For The TpT Conference!

I just received my t-shirt for the TpT Conference in Vegas!

I will be styling in Vegas for the conference.     

If you are in the market for a super t-shirt, I would highly recommend these folks.  They did a wonderful job of communicating with me.  A HUGE shout out to Elisha S. for making my shirt look darn good!  It was so easy to design my shirt and place the order.  I immediately received notification that they had gotten it.  Elisha was concerned about the graphics for my logo.  As you can see from the picture, no problem!  My shirt arrived 5 days after placing the order.  Can you imagine getting a high-quality product that quickly?  

They are a multi-talented company.  They also do teacher apparel, amazing class shirts, and custom designed products.  If you like bling, they have it!  

Seriously, you should check them out!

These Photographs Are Worth More Than a 1,000 Words

     I am in the process of creating a cross-curriculum project to be used in Science, Language Arts, and/or Social Studies. I am attempting to introduce students to different countries via animals.  

     Who doesn’t like animals, right?  I did not want to use all clip art (as cute as it may be) because I felt it would take away from the information.  Instead, I chose to use photographs of the animals.

Well, since my first lap book/ center activity dealt with elephants, I couldn’t just go out to my backyard and snap a photo.

Thank you, Z is for Zebra! He has wonderful photos.  If you do not believe me, check out this freebie!  

If you are in the market for superbly taken photographs, I highly recommend Z is for Zebra.

     His photographs are making my lap book/center activities jump! His photos would also be fantastic for covers.  

Inside and Outside Character Trait Mini-book FREEBIE!

        I have created a new FREEBIE!  Doesn’t everyone love a freebie?!  
I found that sometimes my students had a tendency to forget there were several types of character traits.  They were so busy finding the physical traits, they forgot about the emotional (or inside) traits (or the opposite). I created this mini-book to take away the confusion.
I am sure this mini-book will help students find, record and prove (through textual evidence) character traits. 
It is quick and easy to make.  I’ve also added a mini-book blank page template (printable) for additional recording of traits. 

This is a great activity to include in a Reader’s Notebook or an interactive notebook.

A Newbie on TpT That You MUST Check Out!

Julie's Learning Station by Julie Miller

I just found Julie’s Learning Station by Julie Miller!  All I can say is, “WOW!”  She only has 2 products posted so far.  However, THEY’RE FREE!  You can’t beat a price like that! 
Her first product is Antonyms Task Cards. 

These Antonym Task Cards are perfect for small groups, partners, stations, or whole group warm-ups. Your students will love the cute kid graphics! Just print, laminate, and you have a ready-made learning station. The clip art is to die for!  Seriously! 

Her other product is Synonyms Task Cards.

 Just print, laminate, and you have a ready-made learning station.  The colors are vibrant!  I love, love, love these products. 

So, go ahead, welcome Julie Miller and her store, Julie's Learning Station to the TpT world by downloading her products and following her!  You'll be VERY happy you did.