These Photographs Are Worth More Than a 1,000 Words

     I am in the process of creating a cross-curriculum project to be used in Science, Language Arts, and/or Social Studies. I am attempting to introduce students to different countries via animals.  

     Who doesn’t like animals, right?  I did not want to use all clip art (as cute as it may be) because I felt it would take away from the information.  Instead, I chose to use photographs of the animals.

Well, since my first lap book/ center activity dealt with elephants, I couldn’t just go out to my backyard and snap a photo.

Thank you, Z is for Zebra! He has wonderful photos.  If you do not believe me, check out this freebie!  

If you are in the market for superbly taken photographs, I highly recommend Z is for Zebra.

     His photographs are making my lap book/center activities jump! His photos would also be fantastic for covers.  

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  1. I own your zebra and elephant lapbooks, and they are fabulous! You're so right about the photographs. The ones you chose are beautiful and will motivate and engage students. Thank you so much for coming up with this brilliant idea! Please, keep creating more of these!